Remodel Design

Littell original mud structure
Adobe Ruins B exterior
Adobe Ruins C exterior

These photos show that there is no remodel project that is too big for us to design. This was a very old mud adobe structure with an interesting history of being a schoolhouse and possibly a stagecoach stop too. It sits on top of a hill on a beautiful piece of land in Tucson horse country. Our clients wanted it restored and included in the design of their new home which required new construction as well as restoration of the mud adobe building. You can see the condition of the old original mud structure which is now the central rooms of the completed home which was designed with new wings added to it.

Here are several photos of the restored and expanded exterior as it is now.

Adobe Ruins D exterior
Adobe Ruins E exterior
Adobe Ruins F exterior
Adobe Ruins G exterior

Here are interior “after” photos of the completed home today.

Adobe Ruins 1 interior
Adobe Ruins 2 interior
Adobe Ruins 3 interior

Original old structure remodeled to make a beautiful foyer.

Addition of a large great room with antique beams, antique stone fireplace surround, adobe brick walls, antique pine plank floors and view of dining room which is in the original old structure.

Addition of a wonderful large country kitchen with antique beams ceiling, hand plastered walls and range hood, antique hand painted concrete tiled backsplash, reclaimed brick floors, concrete countertops, mesquite cutting board.

Adobe Ruins 4 interior
Adobe Ruins 5 interior
Adobe Ruins 6 interior

Beautiful old mud adobe wall in the old structure looking into the foyer at an antique door on iron barn track. Antique wood floor in foreground and concrete floor in foyer.

Breakfast area built into a new alcove with a brick pizza oven, antique ceiling beams and an antique English cabinet recessed into the plastered side wall.

Addition of a 1/2 bath built with adobe walls, antique entry door, antique iron vanity base, antique ceiling beams and reclaimed pine floor.

Adobe Ruins 7 interior
Adobe Ruins 8 interior
Adobe Ruins 9 interior

Restored old mud room made into a formal dining room with repurposed wood plank floors of mixed wood from old torn down sheds and structures on the property. An antique stone mantel for the new fireplace, hand plastered mud walls, Native American artifacts and Navajo rug complete this beautiful room.

Restored room in the original old adobe structure. You can see an unplaster section of the mud wall showing the old mud brick. It was completed with a beautiful antique door on barn door track.

A small original mud adobe room finished as a den. The antique Navajo woman’s wearing blanket is so beautiful against the clay plastered wall.

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