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A note from Linda:

Ester is our newest staff member and she wrote an interesting observation of our process which I want to share:

When I started working for LRDA just a few short months ago I came in ready to contribute my knowledge of administrative skills.  I had no background in design, but I knew it would be ok because I like to think of myself as a fast learner.  Besides, how hard can interior design be?  They have an eye for color to make sure the lamps will match the sofa and the sofa will work with the area rug.  But as I quickly found out, interior design is so much more than color coordination.

Our designers meet with their clients to hear their ideas and figure out the best way to turn those dreams into reality.  They visit the location to see the best use of the space.  They present unique options to clients , ideas that may not have seemed possible.

Additionally, there is the hard work of coordinating with contractors, electricians, plumbers, landscapers and other trades to build a solid foundation for what will ultimately turn into a beautiful design.  Sure… anyone can get on the internet and look for help with their project, but with the amount of information on the web, who do you get?  Who can you trust?  How many hours of research do you have to do to find someone reliable with great reviews.  It can be very overwhelming.  Our designers know the right person for the job – regardless of what the job might be.

These wonderful designers have tons of factors to figure into their designs.  They coordinate EVERYTHING.  The textures, the colors, the shapes, the scale.  They spend hours looking for and finding pieces.  They reach out to their resources to find the best materials for flooring, wall coverings, furniture, bedding, pillows and lighting.  In the end, that is how they make it look spectacular.

Now that I have seen from behind the scenes how much it entails to make a room or a whole house have uniformity, dimension, life and energy I can say interior design is not for the faint of heart.  The hours and hours of research, drive, and commitment our designers put in to make a dream space come alive is unlimited and truly comes from a special place within.

Here are some examples of what we they can do!





Rugs Aren’t Only For Floors


Although rugs are commonly known to go on floors, at Linda Robinson Design Associates we use them in more unique applications.   There are endless opportunities in finding beautiful, antique Persian, oriental, kilim or Navajo rugs, with slight damage at a significantly reduced cost.   These rugs can be cut into various pieces and used to create one of a kind furnishings, window treatments, accessories.  All of the different colors, textures and patterns can bring warmth and texture throughout your home.

This elegant bed has a section from an old Kilim rug across the foot as a bed runner. There area pair of antique Persian rug pillows and one Kilim rug pillow.

This high back chair is especially beautiful upholstered in an old worm Kilim rug. It brings beauty and drama to the room.

This antique Navajo rug is hung on the wall in place of a painting bringing color and drama to this knotty alder paneled den.

This accent chair becomes a piece of art when a kilim rug is used as the upholstery.

Blog By: Amanda Wood

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