“Congratulations on being chosen House and Garden’s Master of the Southwest. Of course, we’ve always known you are The Master! Thanks for sharing your recent work, another example of your gift for creating beautiful, elegant and comfortable spaces.”
– Pat G

“You worked hard for this, you made it happen, and you have a right to be proud. And so are we, too!  Thanks for enriching our lives.”
– Robb and Tani

“Congratulations on a beautiful job well done.  We receive Phoenix Home and Garden magazine and the minute we saw the cover we knew it was your work!  We are so proud and happy for you. You are the BEST.”
– Walt and Carolyn

“Linda, you’ve earned this honor and Tucson is lucky to have you.”
– Bobbie Jo and David

“Take a moment to let people recognize and thank you for all the beautiful environments you have created! It’s well deserved. You are an interior architect of the first order!”
– Michelle H

“This would never have come to be if it hadn’t been for you! You really are a Master and should be so proud of your accomplishments. The Little home is outstanding as are all of your other projects! And you are such a special person; I am proud to know.”
– Melissa S

“I am writing to congratulate you on your Phoenix Home & Garden Master of the Southwest Award.  To be recognized for your inherent sense of style and how that style is translated to create a unique sense of place defines your history of excellent work.  I personally enjoy your aesthetic and appreciate your eclectic way of bringing together varying elements to create a comfortable feeling appropriate to a range of design settings.”
– M Franks, Architect

“Oh, how I love fabulous design. Thanks for all your hard work, it’s just beyond beautiful and you’re all amazingly talented!”
– L. White

“Mix master”, interior designer Linda Robinson perfects the art of blending old and new.
– M. Matson, Phoenix Home and Garden

“Arizona Superstar”
– Linda J. Barkman, Editor, Phoenix Home and Garden

“With your foresight and fabulous design, a masterpiece was created. It is an inspiration to all of us.”
– C. Bell

“I want to thank you for helping us create this wonderful home we live in. Serene and warm, elegant and relaxed it feels “just right”. We could never have found this balance on our own. Thank you for all of your hard work, your patience, your integrity and for sharing your very special vision. It is such a pleasure to work with you and to know you.”
– K. Havas

“Linda understood incredibly well the time period of the structure we were building around and she respected it. She didn’t try to do anything too contrived; she approached the project from the historical aspect and incorporated the strengths of time and period into the house.”
– R. Jacobs, Architectn

“Of all the people I’ve met in my life, from professional baseball managers, to art dealers, to international mountaineers, to the museum aristocracy, who are ON IT…..You’re more ON IT than any of them!!! I’m so glad that I’m in your corner. Thank you for all of the mental acuity and strategy you shine my way.”
– T. DeWald

“On behalf of Laurie and I, thank you for making our redecorating project such a success. As new winter residents to Tucson we received your name from a friend who said “Linda is the best in Tucson”. With our project now completed we could not agree more with her assessment. Your advice was always given as a suggestion after hearing our views. We never felt any pressure from you in our decisions. The finished project speaks to your wonderful taste in making our home something we are so proud of.”
– J. Hollingsworth

“Gary and I want to thank you for all your hard work and expertise to create our lovely living room. We receive glowing compliments from all our guests, but more importantly, WE LOVE IT. We love the look and the comfort. We had seen pictures of your work but now we are fortunate to enjoy it first hand. You figured out what we wanted and did a beautiful job. Lucky us and many thanks.”
– S. Knarr

“The whole house has a special feeling. As I have said before, it is comfortable, even cozy, yet sophisticated. You are very good at what you do. I am sure I don’t need to tell you that. Thank you again very much.”
– P. Monroe

“When thoughts turn toward gladness and gratitude we think of our appreciation for you. You have accomplished our hope and helped us turn our Tucson home into a warm, comfortable, discreetly “southwest” home. It is now a place where family and friends come and joy is the atmosphere. Thank you.”
– L. Bursiel

“We have known Linda for 30 years and have had her do the interior design for our homes ever since. Everything that we have ever done with her we have always loved. We rely very heavily on Linda and are very pleased with all the work she has done for us. It has been a fun living experience and we enjoy it all every day.”
– C. Henderson

“Bar none, xxxx’s space is the most incredible transformation I have ever seen. You are so good and credible and graceful.”
– E. Schneider

“I do not know the words to express my thanks to you for your generosity, openness, and selflessness. I love working with you. Thank you again and again and again.”
– S. Dubow

“Linda’s been our therapist because we’re so different in what we like. She’s learned to work with us – to find the common ground where we both are happy.”
– P. Moore

“Thank you for setting up the casita. I love the bed and night stands along with the desk and chairs; inside and out. It has a “getaway” feel to it and really opens up the room for much better use! I’m going to have to use the room myself! It’s so welcoming……thank you!!!!!!”
– C. Follansbee

“Just want to say how much fun and satisfying it has been to work with you. Your talent is terrific and you come up with such good ideas. Many thanks!”
– V. Thorne

“You have been such a joy to get to know and we feel very blessed that you were the designer for our wonderful new Tucson home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your creative, hard work on our home. We love it!”
– Lynn & Greg

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work for you and with Jill, Stacey and Amanda. They are great co-workers; kind, helpful, and understanding. I have learned much about the designing world and believe the title ‘Master of Southwest’ is an understatement in your case. I haven’t met anyone who is so articulate, has the finesse and drive as you do. You are truly an amazing woman who deserves the best life has to offer.”
– W. J.

“I am very happy with the design work you and your team did. It has really anchored the whole place. Many of the women commented on how truly lovely the houses were and how they had not seen anything like it.”
-TJ Killoran

“I wanted you to know we’re extremely proud of the way everything turned out. There’s simply NO WAY this office would be half as impressive without the genius you provided. The Railyard features you brought to this project are what makes this building, and we’re so very thankful to you (and your team) for your time, energy, and vision for what this building could become. By introducing the brick, the beams, the sconces, and so many other design features, you put your imprint on this project and you “knocked it out of the park.”
– Mark B.

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