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The value of having an office in a co-work space is irreplaceable. Linda Robinson Design Associates is lucky to be part of one of the best communities Tucson has to offer.  That is, Rail Yard.  Founded and managed by Phil Perry, Linda Robinson’s husband, this power couple was able to turn a 65 year old brick building into a true masterpiece. Linda spent countless hours in making the space have a sleek, stylish and luxurious feel.  Raw materials such as steel and wood, old world antiques, bold color and patterns and custom welded desks, help to create a cutting-edge look.  What may look like a large brick building from the outside will capture your eye from the moment you enter the front door.  The space is breathtaking and unique.  Not only does it have all the look and feel you would want in an office space, the current tenants are all wonderful, creative, smart individuals.  Linda Robinson Design Associates thrives around people in the Rail Yard community.  Research has shown that individuals and companies are more successful in a shared environment because of the ideas, creativity and networking opportunities that can occur.   Many of the tenants collaborate with each other, increasing productivity and knowledge every day.  Although Rail Yard is considered a co-work environment, the space surpasses and transcends the typical co-work space in every facet.  For those of you who have not had the privilege to see our workplace, here is an inside look of the building that houses our design studio.

Facade of Rail Yard 610 S. Park Ave.

Cutting edge custom built desks for all tenants by Perry Luxe.

The “gallery”.  Not only a meeting space, but plenty of wall space for local artists to show off their work.

The “Kitchen”…not an average break room.  There is fresh fruit, water, coffee, tea and delicious snacks available to everyone!

Blog By: Lien Liu

Linda Robinson

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Linda Robinson has owned her own much published, nationally acclaimed, interior design business for over thirty years and has been named Master Of The Southwest by Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine. Linda Robinson Design is renowned for sophisticated interiors and has created a specialty of eclectic, casual elegance encompassing traditional European through contemporary styles.

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